Dead Island: Definitive Edition might be happening.

Following the recent news of Dead Island 2’s developer Yager being dropped from the game’s development there is word of a Dead Island: Definitive Edition on the horizon. I mean, you can never have to many definitive edition’s, right?

According to a listing on South African retail chain Dead Island: Definitive edition is set to release on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and being published by Koch Media. One of Deep Silver’s parent companies. There has at this point been no official statement on the listing by Deep Silver but given that a fair amount of titles leak like this it is safe to say this is happening.

Released back in 2011 Dead Island was met with mix feelings by gamers but did well enough to received a follow-up title, Dead Island: Riptide and of course the currently stuck in development hell Dead Island 2. The Dead Island: Definitive Edition may or may not contain a improvements and both titles along with DLC but it would not be a surprise. Once again however until an official statement is made all we can do is guess.

Taking into account that Dead Island 2 is stuck in development hell following a number of delays and now currently having no developer. Dead Island: Definitive Edition could be a simple release to fill the void that would have otherwise been Dead Island 2 at this point. Regardless however a Dead Island: Definitive Edition would not be all that bad as it would allow people who did not get to experience the game by this point a chance to. Additionally it could, priced be it fairly, a worthwhile purchase. Then again with Dead Island 2 soon close but yet so far it might be safer to simply wait this one out.

Until we get an official statement on Dead Island: Definitive Edition stay tuned for more as it develops.

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