Deck13 working on The Surge

The studio behind the creation of Lords of the Fallen, Deck13, is developing a “hardcore sci-fi RPG” with the current title of The Surge. Though a full announcement is set to be revealed next month during Gamescom by publisher Focus Home Interactive, some small details have been released ahead of the event about the upcoming title.

The next project by Lords of the Fallen developer Deck13 and Focus will be revealed via interviews with some of the core team at the show. The title is a visceral hardcore RPG with innovative new combat mechanics and the first details on the game will only be presented during pre-booked behind closed-door interviews.

Until Gamescom however, all we have about The Surge is a simple teaser image which you can see above, Showing what looks to be an exoskeleton of some kind along with a sort of neural implant. Sadly however it looks from this image as though Deck13 might be heading down the Call of Duty/Deus Ex route but given the fact that they’ve said that The Surge will be an RPG we can only hope that this is not the case. Nonetheless it will be good to see more of The Surge when it is made available.

Additionally you may or may not recall but Deck13 worked alongside CI Games on Lords of the Fallen, who are now hard at working on Lords of the Fallen 2 which is set for a 2017 release. Deck13 however are of course working hard on The Surge and there were never any word as to why the two studios parted ways and moved onto separate projects but given the average development time these days I would not expect to see The Surge until 2017 as well.

For now however, look forward to any developments from both Deck13 and of course The Surge.

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