Divide By Sheep

Divide By Sheep, developed by Bread Team and published by Tiny Build, is a game about lasers, sheep, wolves, the Grim Reaper and maths. That might sound a bit odd but I’m deadly serious and it is a brilliant concept. You see in Divide By Sheep the Grim Reaper, ,Grim, wants friends but because Grim can only befriend the dead he unleashes a great flood and drags sheep under. Positioned on small islands with life rafts nearby the player must help get the required number of sheep or wolves onto the raft. You see, Divide By Sheep is a math puzzler game with a super cute art style with gameplay to match.

If you had not guessed by now Divide By Sheep is game with some rather cute dark humor. You will find yourself flinging sheep from island to island hoping not to lose any on the way. Though in some cases you will have no choice but to lose some sheep. Each raft has a set number it can carry and if you go over then goodbye cute little sheep.

Sometimes getting the right number can be a bit tricky but there are a few things lying around to help you out. For example, why not use the perfectly placed lasers to cut some sheep in half to help with space. You could also feed them to the wolves to fatten them up so they don’t move helping you to reduce the number of sheep you fling. In Divide By Sheep you can’t just grab three sheep and be on your way.

If the island has five sheep you fling all five to the next island which might only have three spaces. What is the difference between five and three? Two sheep sleeping with the fishes. That’s what.

Divide By Sheep

Divide By Sheep currently has 120 levels across four different worlds with new gameplay mechanics being added at a good pace as you move through the worlds. From lasers to trampolines that divide your sheep across two islands, to islands that swap with each other.

Divide By Sheep is paced just right to ensure that you have something new to play with just as the old element is getting a bit boring. Speaking of levels can I just say that though I’m not the best person when it comes to maths some levels really do test you.

More often than not it is about finding the right order to move everything in as with any other puzzler but in Divide By Sheep you will find yourself getting stuck at some point. The good thing is that each level has three rafts and therefore three chances to earn stars. You need at least one star to pass the level but you need a good number to unlock the next world.

I’ve already said that the art style for Divide By Sheep is cute but I honestly can not express in words just wonderful it is. From clear and bright colours to the little animation of being scared that the sheep make just before you fling them. Divide By Sheep is a thing of beauty to look at and the sound design makes it even better.

One complaint I do have about the PC version of Divide By Sheep is that it lacks a lot of features that I would hope would be standard for a PC release. By this I mean the lack of resolution options or even just a real options menu at that. Of course this is not a mark down for Divide By Sheep but just a small thing that bugs me. Even just the option to run the game in windowed mode would have done the job. Thankfully though the PC version of Divide By Sheep does run beautifully with not a single drop in performance or crashes.

Divide By Sheep

Now all of this might sound good and trust me it really is. Divide By Sheep is a beautiful game and a joy to play the downside however is that I simply could not push myself to keep playing it. My interest for Divide By Sheep simply fell short during the second world and I found it hard to keep playing.

This is not to say that the game is bad and that you will lose interest like me. I simply reached a point with Divide By Sheep where I felt I had experienced enough to call closure. Take note though that as a mobile game Divide By Sheep really works well. You can hop in and out easily to play a few levels at a time and then come back when you’re next in the mood. I would almost say that Divide By Sheep is better suited for the mobile platform but if it is your type of game it is worth grabbing it on PC for conveniences or such.

So Divide By Sheep is a game with a great sense of humor, beauty visuals and easy to master gameplay with a good amount of challenge. It is a great game and something I would give to a child to help them learn math. Which it is worth noting that there is a parental control option to disable blood in the games menu. Divide By Sheep is overall a game worth your time and money.

If you are after a cute yet dark puzzler and up for some math challenges make sure to check out Divide By Sheep, currently available on Steam and iOS.

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