Don’t Worry, Dragon Ball Xenoverse Isn’t Shutting Down

Over the past couple of days Dragon Ball Xenoverse have been receiving an odd notification in the game which warns them that some of the game’s multiplayer features will no longer be available and that its online service will no longer be available. According to Bandai Namco, this appeared in error.

When attempting to join an online game, players have been experiencing the following error:

Online service for “DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE” has ended. The following features will not be available.

Multi Lobby
Timespace Delivery
Registering favorites

Since then, Bandai Namco have been busy scrambling to solve this error which has many players worried. In a statement on Twitter, the publisher said:

Though it’s fantastic news, the cynical side of me takes this as a warning that Bandai Namco do plan to shut down the servers for Xenoverse at some point, otherwise, why else would that message be available to pop-up in error?

What are your thoughts?