Dragon Quest Builders announced.

Square Enix have announced a new spin-off Dragon Quest game which if I’m not mistaken looks an awful lot like Minecraft.

Dragon Quest Builders as it is called has been revealed by the posting of a single image on the games website. The text has been translated to read ‘Restore Alefgard’ but otherwise next to information has been released.

Judging by the games art style and that it is a Dragon Quest game we can guess that Dragon Quest Builders will likely be some sort of block based RPG. If your thinking of Minecraft at this point don’t worry, I am as well. Even from the screenshot it is clear that the game is yet another Minecraft inspired game but, until we seen gameplay I won’t be to quick to judge.

Dragon Quest Builders announced. - n3rdabl3

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Dragon Quest series and to mark that earlier this year series creator Yuji Horii said that a host of new games would be announced.

Dragon Quest Heros 2 was announced for PlayStation console back in April with the first game releasing in the west sometime later this year. Additionally Dragon Quest VIII is coming to the Nintendo 3DS with a host of new characters, scenarios and more. That said is Dragon Quest Builders what fans really need or even want?

Dragon Quest Builders looks to be released later this year in Japan for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and surprisingly, the PlayStation Vita. As we wait to hear about a western release, or in fact any details at all, make sure to check back.

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