It’s been half a year since the launch of Dying Light, I bet you didn’t see that factoid coming? Yeah, it seems like yesterday. But let’s not dwell on the past, here’s to the future, and here’s to 180 days of Dying Light DLC. But wait, there’s more.. is… is that a car?

To celebrate half a year of Dying Light, Techland has released a brand new trailer showing off exactly what they’ve given to players of their open world zombie survival game. From Season Pass DLC to more free content than you can shake a stick at, and if you can make it until the end without soiling your undies, there’s a little tease for players.

Yeah that’s right, it looks like vehicles are coming to Dying Light in what Techland are calling a “big content update.” Though they’ve not actually confirmed it in so many words, that short clip at the end of the trailer pretty much says as much, right?

Either way, the big content update is to be revealed soon after Gamescom, so look out for that.
“We’re really excited to finally be able to show this major project we’ve been secretly working on since the release of the game. This is Dying Light from totally new angle, but with everything fans love about the original still at the core.” – Tymon Smektala, Producer, Dying Light.

What could it be?

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