So unless you’re not a fan of racing games, you should know that there is a new Need for Speed game coming out this year, aptly titled in the numberless style of franchises that need shiny reboots; Need for Speed. Now the big question people are asking is do we have the need for that said speed every year? Well Peter Moore, EA’s COO answered the burning question in an interview:

I don’t know if it will be, it’s an interesting question. We will see how this game goes. You can only bring it out annually if you can come up with real fresh ideas. It is the same thing we’ve been going through with golf. It is golf… is there enough innovation and creativity that you can go in there with and do something different every year?

So that pretty much sums it up, although keep in mind this is the man who mumbled “Go Madden” to much awkwardness at E3 and he just compared street racing to golf as well. Regardless, the game is being developed by Ghost Games and it comes out for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on November 3 this year.

Check out the trailer above in case you are very unsure as to what the game could possibly be about.