EA Assembles Take-Down Team for Star: Wars Battlefront Leaks

Since the launch of the closed alpha of Star Wars Battlefront, EA have been battling against swaths of video streams and videos being published online, so much so that it’s assembled a dedicated take-down team for the job.

A small number of players were invited earlier this week to take part in the closed alpha prior to which they were asked in the end-user agreement to not publish videos of the game online. Unfortunately for EA many have been doing just that revealing key details on the game’s multiplayer and single player modes.

Pretty much as soon as the alpha launched, details on the vehicles and weapons included in the alpha surfaced which you can read more on here.

As a result of this, EA has assembled a crack team to scour YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion to issue take-down requests on behalf of the company. This hasn’t however stopped some from slipping through, though they probably won’t be there for long.

Right now, EA hasn’t issued an official statement in regards to the leaks and it seems that they’ll just continue to remove videos until the alpha is over. Though we’re hoping EA cracks and just allows the footage to be released.

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