SHARE is a new Democracy-lead Alternative to reddit

Last week reddit had a bit of a meltdown following the termination of one of the company’s loved members, Victoria. Since then users have been flocking to other websites looking for a neat alternative to “the front page of the Internet” and while sites like offer an identical experience, offers a more democracy-lead website. is one of the many sites suggested in an “alternatives to reddit” thread appeared on reddit this weekend. It only took a few minutes of lurking before I jumped straight into the tick of it and had a real good thumb through the site. And what this site offers over reddit, is that the community has almost complete control over what appears on the site, if they want to.

The problem people have with reddit at the moment is that things are happening without any real transparency from behind the scenes. Victoria was lynched just like that and even before that, subreddit’s were banned and removed without any warning despite reddit’s stance on free speech.

Empeopled is quite the opposite as users can decide what appears on the site, whether it’s the topics, the way the team behind the site implements changes, and much more. Users are allowed to vote on ideas and if a success, they’re implemented. offers complete transparency. is a new Democracy-lead Alternative to reddit - n3rdabl3

To encourage contribution, users are also rewarded with sBTC, which is a very, very small amount of Bitcoin. (0.00000001 = 1 sBTC). Which isn’t much, but as the site grows and more content is added to the site, the value of reward can get much higher. (Currently it’s 5 sBTC for every vote you receive). Inviting users also shares the sBTC earned too further encouraging sharing of the site between friends.

In addition to the monetary reward, users are also granted levels for participation on the site and in various topics. The higher someone’s level in certain topics the more weight their up and down votes carry.

The community has grown significantly over the weekend and content is being added to the site daily. Though there’s still room to grow, Empeopled is probably the first real alternative to reddit which shows some real unique potential.

If you want to see what all the fuss is about, head on over to Empeopled here.


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