Facebook is Reportedly Working on their Own Music Streaming Service

Forget Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal as Facebook has reportedly started work on their own music streaming service, which could actually work..

We’re currently spoilt for choice when it comes to music streaming, with everyone hoping to offer something better than what the other is offering. But out of all the streaming services, none quite have the reach as Facebook.

According to Music Ally, Facebook is working on a subscription service of its own which comes soon after reports of the social network in talks with record labels to offer ad-supported music videos. But the report extends further than a Vevo-like music video service, now it seems Facebook are looking into audio too. With focus being placed firmly on the video side of this service, according to the report, the audio-portion will be added in the future.

The method in which Facebook will go about this business is currently unknown, chances are the company could head down the same route as Instagram and WhatsApp and purchase an already established subscription service, though this is just speculation right now.

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