A concrete release date has been given for Fallout Shelter to be released onto Android devices, on top of the fact that the release day will also herald several new features that Apple users haven’t had, and won’t have until then.

First, D-Day is August 13th, so if you’ve been waiting with bated breath, mark your calendar.

Second, the new features. Players will now have access to their own mobile version of “Mr. Handy”. Mr. Handy can be used to defend the vault from invasions, raiders and disasters and scavenge for loot in the wastelands. There will also be a new little crawly rodent invader. In addition to your molerat issues, you will not have to worry about deathclaws invading as well.

So, while waiting sucks, Android users have the added benefit of the oodles of cheats, tips and tricks that have been found and published for the game, as well as new features. I guess good things do come to those who wait.

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