Described as the Final Fantasy spin on the Monster Hunter formula, the upcoming 3DS title Final Fantasy Explorers has officially been given a western release date of late January 2016.

Final Fantasy Explorers has you choose one of over 20 FF series jobs like Monk, Knight, Black Mage and White Mage, and hunt down monsters and Eidolons in a huge quest to find crystals (what else?). The announce trailer boasts plenty of Eidolons including Shiva, Ifrit and Odin.

I’ve been following this game since its announcement and I honestly cannot wait for this game to be released. I long for a monster hunting game with this level of customization, that lets you pick skills, jobs, equipment and even transformations. The transformations add a crossover element to Final Fantasy Explorers by letting you turn your character into one of the big Final Fantasy heroes like Squall or Cloud through what I can only assume is some kind of limit-break feature.

The game also has a full co-op multiplayer mode so you can hunt monsters and search for those crystals with three friends or random online players alongside you.

Check out the English announcement trailer above for a full showcase of the game. Final Fantasy Explorers will be released in North America on January 26 and in Europe on January 29.