Fleksy Goes Free Forever

Fleksy, the custom keyboard available for both iOS and Android, will be going free for all users today, what’s more, it’ll be free forever. This move is in an effort to serve a much larger and diverse set of users to improve the keyboard overall.

In addition to today’s news, Fleksy will also be getting another update in the form of an improved rich content view called Highlights. What this means is that Fleksy will better assist with GIF, Sticker, and other content discovery based on what the user types.

This allows for more freedom of expression based on the content you’re writing rather than spending ten minutes finding the perfect GIF or Sticker to represent your mood. Who uses text nowadays anyway? It’s all about them emoji, yo!

With the keyboard going free forever, those who previously purchased the premium version of the keyboard will likely be a little disgruntled, but don’t be sad, Fleksy has something especially for you!

Fleksy will be offering paid users brand new themes and extension slots worth $8, absolutely free as a gift, and to say thank you for your support.

“We want every smartphone user to have the opportunity to experience fast, expressive, and intuitive typing,” said Fleksy’s Co-Founder and CEO, Kosta Eleftheriou. “We believe the best way to do this is to make the app free for everyone.”

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