Dutch studio, SassyBot Studios has today announced that their debut title, Fragments of Him, a first person narrative driven drama, will be coming to Xbox One in 2016 along side the already announced PC version. To celebrate, they’ve also released a cinematic trailer which shows the game’s main characters.

Death is often represented fairly flippantly in video games, usually you die, then you respawn, or in some cases, you die for good, and begin life as another character. What game’s don’t show you is how that death ripples through the world of your fictional characters friends and family.

Fragments of Him on the other hand, put that subject at the centre of their debut game as the story focuses on Will, or specifically the death of Will and how it affects his partner, friends, and family.

This story-driven first person experience looks at the aftermath of Will’s sudden death including the final-moments of Will’s life in what looks to be a touching story. To dive a little more into the game, SassyBot’s new cinematic trailer takes a look at some of the game’s main characters including Will’s boyfriend Harry, his ex-girlfriend and best friend Sarah, and Mary, his grandmother.

It also gives us a little look at the game’s simplistic, yet picturesque environments that’ll likely play a big part in the game’s overall storytelling.

Fragments of Him launches on Xbox One and PC in 2016.

Fragments of Him is Coming to Xbox One, PC in 2016 - n3rdabl3

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