200% Mixed Juice

Fans of the popular friendship-destroying PC board game 100% Orange Juice! will be getting a more RPG-flavoured take on developer Orange Juice’s characters later this year.

200% Mixed Juice is an RPG made to celebrate 10 years of Orange Juice’s games, featuring a bunch of characters from their previous titles – over 80 of them in fact, all set for battling and befriending. In the words of Jakke Elonen, Project Lead at Orange Juice:

200% Mixed Juice! brings together the massive cast of characters from the last 10 years of Orange Juice’s games. Even Poppo may make an appearance! There will definitely be something for every fan.

With regards to the game’s story, players will assume the role of “the Sleeping Princess” and take on a quest spanning multiple worlds. You might be getting your friends involved at some point as well, as “online multiplayer” is a feature listed on the game’s Steam description.

There doesn’t seem to be a release date announced yet, though the game’s Steam page currently states “Available 2015.” The game can be pre-ordered (giving you a Steam key) for £4.49 from publisher Fruitbat Factory’s official store.

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