goat simulator

Have you been playing your PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 console and just had an empty feeling? Has there been a goat-shaped hole that just needs filling but no matter how much you hope to find a goat in The Last of Us, it’s just not the same? Well there’s good news, as Coffee Stain Studios is bringing Goat Simulator to PlayStation consoles next month!

No longer will you have that empty goat feeling as come August you’ll be bucking, jumping, butting, and flopping around a virtual world as the world’s most resilient goat, in the world’s first fully-released broken game that everyone loves.

For those who don’t know what Goat Simulator is, it’s a game which mixes Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater style combos with total destruction and an insane amount of almost-game-breaking-bugs that’ll make you wonder how a game like this ever became popular.

The game will be launching on August 11 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 and is a collaboration between Coffee Stain Studios and Double Eleven. It’ll not only come with the base game, but it’ll also come with the games first expansion which adds an entirely new world to the game. Plus, there’s local co-op multiplayer for two players on PS3, and four players on PS4.

Unfortunately there seems to be no PS Vita version in the works.

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