Google Glass was sadly killed off by Google last year, with many who forked out over £1000 to get the odd-looking headset feeling left out in the cold. Fortunately for fans of Glass a new version might be on the horizon as evidence that the program isn’t as dead as we first thought, has surfaced.

Initially we heard that the program wasn’t dead through the CEO of Luxxotica, an Italian eyewear brand, speaking to The Wall Street Journal, who said that Google are working on a “second version” that incorporated the “second thoughts” that Google had about the program, and that it’ll be coming “soon.”


From there Droid Life has dug up a submission to the FCC which shows even more proof that a second generation Glass device is coming soon. Unfortunately details are pretty thin as the FCC has now locked away most of the juicy information. Fortunately, the tests do require that companies disclose whether radios inside these gadgets are safe for use around humans and because of this the device with the FCC ID A4R-GG1 supports various Wi-Fi bands and Bluetooth.

Diving further into it, it’s also been discovered that Google is taking advantage of the E-label Act introduced in 2014 which means companies no longer have to slap FCC stickers on the device, but within the software itself. Because of this however, we get to read a little about the next Glass software.

According to the report, the software FCC sticker will appear on a rectangular display, will be available on a submenu that requires users to “srcoll left and right”, something available on the last version of Glass.

Now, before you start withdrawing a couple of grand in anticipation for the next device, GG1 may not be a second generation Glass. It gives us a pretty good “maybe”, but nothing 100 per cent, yet.

Only time will tell.

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