Green Lantern movie becomes Green Lantern Corps

As you know, we’ll finish this decade off with a Green Lantern movie, as Warner Bros leave him for last, since the 2011 movie which seemed like an attempt to kickstart DC’s shared movie universe failed miserably. Critically and financially. The awkward problem being that Green Lantern is a regular of the big DC superhero team, The Justice League. With there being many people who have been known as Green Lantern, the solution seems to be throw as many as you can on the screen.

Essentially, a Green Lantern is a space cop, with a power ring that can let the wearer fly and create energy constructs. The Corps, is a huge organisation of many aliens of all shapes and sizes.

Earth is in Space Sector 2814. So far, we’ve had five human Green Lanterns. Hal Jordan the pilot (the one from the movie), John Stewart (the one from the cartoon), Kyle Rayner (the 90s Green Lantern), Guy Gardener (crude and crass and once knocked out by Batman. Right now, he’s a Red Lantern) and Simon Baz (fresh from the New 52 reboot).

Honestly in 5 years, these guys could have died and come back, become a different colour lantern bearer, turned evil and of all of this and back again. Because these are comic book characters. Right now, Batman is Jim Gordon, Superman is having power issues and Nightwing is a secret agent.

From a merchandising point of view, it’s smart. More toys to market and more characters to introduce and resonate with the audience. So which one will join the Justice League? I’m sure Warner Bros don’t even know that until they need one Green Lantern on set.

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