GTA Online: Ill-Gotten Gains Update Part 2 coming next week

Rockstar announced that the Ill-Gotten Gains: Part Two is coming out on Wednesday July 8th for GTA Online on all platforms. There are a bunch of new things for you to get your grubby hands on with all that money you’ve been earning through the heists and other activities.

The Lab, the previously exclusive radio station that arrived with PC will be coming out for GTA Online all 4 console platforms along with this update too. There will also be another Social Club Weekend Event that begins Friday July 10th, Rockstar says stay tuned for more details on what that may include. Just to top it all off, for everyone who missed the Independence Day Special last year will get another chance to get some of those items, and at a reduced rate too.

Check out some of the new additions to GTA Online in the screenshot gallery below:

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