Until Dawn, the playable ‘not another teen movie’ slasher, launches next month, and if you’re wondering whether it’s for you, here’s nine minutes of gameplay which sees the game’s token prom king and queen wandering through a snowwy forest, alone, at night.

The game, which was set to launch on PlayStation 3, was reintroduced as a PlayStation 4 exclusive and is set to launch on the console on August 23. It’s set to be a playable version of every teen slasher movie you’ve likely ever watched including a cast of naive, alcohol infused, bumbling teens, a series if mysterious disappearances, and most probably a call, which will come from inside the house!!!

From the footage above the game seems to take camera cues from classic horror title Resident Evil, where the player doesn’t follow over the shoulder of the character, instead a fixed camera is used for each scene, which I’m sure many horror game fans are excited for.

Until Dawn is set to launch on August 25 and won’t come with motion controls, unfortunately, but from the trailer above, it does come with some unnecessary quick-time-event-like controls.