Here’s your Games with Gold for August

Wow, July went quick didn’t it? With just two days of July left it’s about time you downloaded this month’s free games, isn’t it? If you’ve already done that however, here’s four more games coming to your collection for Xbox One and Xbox 360 this August.

First up, your free titles for Xbox One, and this month you’ve got a right corker of a selection. Yep, as promised this time around you’ve got two titles to download this month, the first is Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, which is a peach in itself. If Metal Gear Solid isn’t your thing however, how about top-down zombie survival with How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition?

The first title will be available throughout the entire month, but as with So Many Me from last month, you’ll have to wait until August 16 to grab How to Survive, which will be free until September 15.

Now, onto Xbox 360. For those of you who never got around to playing the Metro series when it launched, now’s your chance as come August 1, you’ll be able to download Metro 2033 absolutely free. Then, when August 16 comes along, you can move onto the next chapter with Metro: Last Light until September 1.