Hey Look, FIFA 16 Has a Woman on the Cover

After 22 years, the FIFA video game series is finally getting with the times. Earlier this year EA Sports announced that for the first time in the series, 12 national women’s football teams can be found in the game, and now, depending on where you live, a female football player will be on the cover along side long-time cover star Lionel Messi.

Along with the addition of female players, FIFA 16 also marks another major milestone as it becomes the first major sports title to feature a female athlete on the cover. For those who live in the US, Olympic gold medalist Alex Morgan will appear on the cover, in Canada, Christine Sinclair will replace Morgan, and finally in Australia, Stephanie Catley will replace both Morgan and Sinclair.

I’m a little disappointed however that the UK version of the game won’t have a female on the front. Instead we were being asked to vote for who we wanted on the cover, and as a result we’ll have Liverpool FC Captain Jordan Henderson.

Aside from the disappointing UK cover, this does mark a positive step for the series as not only are female athletes playable in the game, but they’re also, in some cases, at the forefront of the title right on the cover. Lovely.

Hey Look, FIFA 16 Has a Woman on the Cover - n3rdabl3


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