Hitman Closed Alpha Details Leak… “Closer to Blood Money than it is to Absolution so far”

The Closed Alpha for Io Interactive’s upcoming episodic series, Hitman, is under way and already information and early impressions of the game have leaked out. But it’s all good news.

Announced at E3 last month, Hitman takes the series in a different direction, offering a more episodic mission-based game which begins in December and takes players well into 2016. To prepare for launch, a closed Alpha is taking place and while NDAs are surely in place, that hasn’t stopped one user from sharing their thoughts.

reddit user AdequateShrimp revealed that they’d been invited to the closed alpha sharing a screenshot of both the invite and the game installing on their Steam account. They then proceeded to share what they thought of the game, and for fans of the series, there’s some good news.

In various posts, they revealed that they found it “closer to Blood Money than it is to Absolution so far”, as well as adding that uniforms play a more important role in the game.

Much like Io Interactive revealed in the various interviews and briefings on the game, player choice is a massive one in the game with AdequateShrimp revealing the many options available for them to tackle from simply entering through the front door, scalling poles outside the building, climbing outside windows and jumping from ledge to ledge, underground staircases, and more.

In the thick of it, players can also use the environment to help them, some examples the user gave included setting off fireworks, fire alarms, tampering with objects, poisoning food, and hiding weapons in creative ways.

Loadouts also make a return with players having a choice of suit, side-weapon, specials, and more. Side missions also play a big part in how the final mission unfolds, apparently.

For fans of the series who were disappointed with Absolution, it sounds like Hitman is heading in the right direction. Oh and for those who want to see the game in action, NeoGAF has some gameplay clips of the Closed Alpha, though they probably won’t stay alive for too long.

Hitman launches on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on December 8.


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