For a while now Instagram has been sharing fairly low-res imagery in its apps at a resolution of just 640×640 pixels. While this is likely great on data, it’s not the best way to show off your photo’s that you’ve likely taken with your camera capable of taking 2K images. Fortunately, that’s all about to change.

Over the past couple of days Instagram has started to roll out much higher resolution images in both its iOS and Android apps. How high? 1080×1080 pixels. Unfortunately it’s not available globally just yet, as Instagram seem to be testing the waters.

In a statement to The Verge, an Instagram Spokesperson said that they started “gradually rolling out 1080 across iOS and Android” last week saying that most people should soon start seeing higher-res images in the mobile app. As for the web-version, its looking like that’ll be stuck at 640 as “right now we are focused on mobile, with no plans to share on web,” the spokesperson concluded.

Oddly this discovery was made via one user browsing the web version of Instagram who discovered the 1080×1080 imagery in the pages source code. Something which is still available right now. Simply head to the web-version of Instagram in a browser like Chrome, click a picture, then right click and “View Page Source” then search for jpg and the first result will be the 1080×1080 image:

Choc schnoz. #dogsofinstagram #chocolatelabrador

A photo posted by Aaron Richardson (@azzronulation) on

Here’s the image from the source code:

Missy big noseIt’s worth noting however that images taken before this roll-out will still remain 640x640px, so if you were hoping to grab some hi-res images from the past, you’re out of luck.

It’s about time Instagram started making the most of the cameras being used to snap pictures for Instagram. Over the past couple of years the tech has improved 10x, so we’re pleased Instagram is finally catching up.


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