This is going to a pretty picture heavy one, only because the story is pretty “new cover” heavy, so gird your loins…

A few years ago, Nickelodeon here in the US began showing a quirky little show about a completely inept alien, his repeated attempts to take over Earth, and the one kid who realized what he was doing and made it his business to stop him.  The show was called Invader Zim, and it was absolutely brilliant.  You should see if you can find it online or something, seriously.

Anyway, the show ended rather abruptly with no follow-up or word as to what happened. Rumors began to circulate that the show ended because Nick was trying to pull creative control away from character and story creator Jhonen Vasquez.  The fanbase of the show was a rabid one, much like B-movies have a tendency to get years after they’ve been produced.  I am still part of it, I actually had a puppy named Gir.  The name fit him, he was a goof.

Anyways! Oni Press has announced that they will be releasing Zim in comic form on July 8, just in time for the International Comic Con in San Diego, CA.  They aren’t releasing a whole lot about the story, but they have released the covers that will be available, and where.  Yes, multiple covers.  Here comes the heavy graphics part, so scroll down and make note of the cover you like and where to get it:

Cover #1 is by creator Jhonen Vasquez and will be available everywhere that the comic is:


Cover #2 is a K.C. Green (Gunshow) variant available through Ghost Variant Partner Stores:


Cover #3 is by Vincent Perea (of ‘Where’s My Water?’ fame), and available through Comics Dungeon:


Cover #4 is by Aaron Alexovich (concept artists on the Invader Zim show), and available through Rebel Base Comics & Toys:


Cover #5 also by Mister Alexovich is available through Midtown Comics:


Cover #6 is by Julieta Colás (artists from cartoon show ‘Rick and Morty’) and available through Books-A-Million:


Cover #7 is the J.R. Goldberg (co-writer and illustrator of Jellyfist with Zim’s creator) version, available through Newbury Comics.



Cover #8 is by Tyson Hesse (artist on World of Gumball & Bravest Warriors) and available through Hastings:


Cover #9 is the Mariel Cartwright (lead animator of Skullgirls) version, and available through GameStop:


Cover #10 is the Dave Crosland (illistrator of Scarface) version, and available through Hot Topic:



Cover #11 is another cover by Mariel Cartwright, and available through I Want More Comics:


Cover #12 is by Ian McGinty (illustrator on Bravest Warriors & Adventure Time), available through Diamond Comic Distributors:


Cover #13 was made by Bryan Konietzko (illustrator on Avatar: The Last Airbender & The Legend of Korra) and is only available through Oni Press at San Diego Comic-Con 2015:


And finally (sheesh)!  This is the standard retail cover and the third created by Aaron Alexovich, available wherever the comic is:



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