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So DC has launched its new movie campaign, showing off the next two entries in its shared movie universe. We’ve got Batman v Superman and The Suicide Squad.

We know the obvious draw of Batman v Superman, and I don’t mean the rise of Lex Luthor and Perry White. So, what’s the draw of The Suicide Squad? Well, it’s got its own duo: The Joker and Harley Quinn.

Basically, The Suicide Squad is the reverse Avengers – a load of bad guys from different corners of the DC Universe, teaming up. Harley is now seen as a big modern feature of the team. Ever since the beginning of DC’s continuity reboot, The New 52, Harley has been featured in The Suicide Squad.

The Joker… I guess The Joker is there because he’ll at least draw people in as a character everyone knows. Do I like the Jared Leto’s Broker (The Joker + bro)? Well, I guess we’re not supposed to like The Joker. So that’s good.

The problem I have? Why does everyone think that these two are likeable characters? They’re not supposed to be. Think about it, The Joker kills police officers, children and loads of innocents. How’s that a likeable character?

Oh wait, everyone is going to say, oh but he has charisma and he’s stylish. So was Emperor Palpatine, Saruman and Khan and pretty much every dictator as well.

The only reason writers like The Joker is because he is so easy to write. Because he’s a mad man. Why is he robbing banks? He’s a madman, that’s why. Why has he killed Robin? He’s a madman, that’s why. Why did he build a rocket to the moon? Because he’s a madman, that’s why.

That’s not to say that I don’t like Heath Ledger’s performance as The Joker or the 1989 performance. Both were fun and memorable and interesting takes on the character. Making him interesting is the fact people are trying to make him likeable.

Just remember guys, he’s the bad guy. The dude that just steals and kills, because it’s a joke. How is that likeable? Suddenly, you’re all quiet.

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One can like bad guys if they are good and interesting characters, it doesn’t mean we’re rooting for them or condoning their actions.

Joker is not an easy character to write at all and if you think that all he does can be reduced to a “he’s a madman” I suggest you take some time to re-read a ton of comics…

Josh Francis
Josh Francis

You can like bad guys, nothing wrong with that (like I said in the article). I like The Riddler. But I do find that some people do root for The Joker to win. Why are you speaking on a whole for everyone? Though to be fair, I did use everyone in the review. But I just exaggerate on occasion. In my opinion (just because I think differently to you, doesn’t make me wrong. Just means I see something differently), he is, because he has no clear back story. His motivations can change at an instant. Not Ra’s Al Ghul, who… Read more »