Keyboard and Mouse Support is Coming to Xbox One

One of the biggest updates coming to the Xbox One is its compatibility with Windows 10. Already players can stream Xbox Games to the preview build of Windows 10, but in the future there’s also word that Windows 10 streaming will come to the Xbox One, but there’s a catch…

In order for Windows 10 to Xbox One streaming to work, the Xbox One will need keyboard and mouse support, something which isn’t actually there at the moment, but never fear as it looks to be on the way soon, thanks to a tweet from Xbox boss Phil Spencer.

The above reply was in reply to a reply about Windows 10 to Xbox One streaming, something which is definitely in the works, according to Spencer’s tweet, though no other details were offered.

With Backwards Compatibility currently in the works as well as getting Windows 10 onto the Xbox One, we may have a long wait ahead of us until native Windows 10 to Xbox One streaming is working, but at least you can stream your Xbox One to your Windows 10 PC, something that I’m pretty excited about.