Kojima Imaging Gone From Metal Gear’s Branding?

In the never-ending and increasingly-confusing saga that is Hideo Kojima and Konami’s possible beef that no one will confirm or deny, but seems to be evidenced all over the place is this latest update.

Konami released new cover branding for the new Metal Gear Solid game, slated for release in September.  However, there’s a large difference that was immediately noticed.  Take a look:

Kojima Imaging Gone From Metal Gear’s Branding? - n3rdabl3Notice anything missing?  Look again…

That’s right, Hideo Kojima’s branding has been removed.  I’m rather floored by this.  I know they may not agree right now, but it’s still their game and that team is still the group that did all the work.  It seems mighty disrespectful to have removed every ounce of them from the game, if you ask me.  Then again, no one did.

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