LG to Invest Almost $1 Billion in the Production of Flexible Displays

Following the success of the LG G Flex and its predecessor the LG G Flex2, LG has announced that they’re planning to invest almost $1 billion over the course of two years to build a factory set on manufacturing plastic OLED displays.

Currently only Samsung and LG Display are building and making use of the flexible display, and with LG’s new initiative, it believes many more manufacturers will follow suit, so in order to give them a helping hand, LG is to create a factory to meet the demand it expects from manufacturers in the future.

This new factory, which is to be built in South Korea will be costing the company $908 million over the course of two years. And while it’ll be working on flexible displays for smartphones, LG say it’ll also be able to produce foldable screens not just for smartphones and wearable tech, but for vehicles too.

In a press release, LG Display detailed how much the factory would be able to produce:

The new E5 Line is located at the Gumi Plant in Gyeongbuk Province, Korea, which will produce 7,500 input sheets per month using a 6th Generation size substrate sheet of 1,500mm x 1,850mm. The new line is scheduled to start mass production in the first half of 2017.

LG Display has been pretty keen to show off its flexibility over the past couple of years with the most recent development being a 55-inch rollable display which can be affixed to walls using magnets.

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