LG to Manufacture the Next Nexus Smartphone

With both LG and Huawei in the running to develop and manufacture the next Nexus smartphone from Google, a recent report is suggesting LG has won the bidding and will be taking over from Motorola for 2015’s Nexus smartphone.

Android Pit has heard from a source who has “confirmed” that LG will be building this year’s Google Nexus smartphone. Furthermore, rather than basing the new device on the LG G4, the company’s latest flagship device, LG will be developing a handset from scratch.

As for Huawei, well there’s no word on whether they’ve lost the bidding completely as this report should be taken as more of a rumour than gospel. However, Huawei could be the manufacturer to take on this year’s Nexus tablet.

Though, other rumours have suggested that Google may release two new Nexus phones this year, with Huawei focusing on a much larger “phablet” like device, and LG on the more standard size device which is currently rumoured to have a 5.2-inch screen.

We usually hear about new Nexus devices at the end of October, so we’ve got a good few months to wait until we hear something official. Plus Android M will be fully unveiled too which is exciting.

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