Magic: The Gathering Comes to Mobile for the First Time

Wizards of the Coast has today revealed that for the first time ever, Magic: The Gathering will be coming to iPhone and iPad for the first time ever with Magic Duels: Origins which introduces an entirely new Magic experience, and it’s available right now!

Magic Duels: Origins brings Magic: The Gathering to the world of free-to-play collectible card games today as it launches on iPhone and iPad. It’s set to offer unlimited free gameplay, hundreds of unlockable cards, multiplayer modes, including the return of Two-Headed Giant, and content updates that reflect the latest Magic: The Gathering card sets including the upcoming Magic Origins set.

What’s more, the game will offer “virtually endless” solo gameplay against AI opponent decks, step-by-step deck construction guidance for new players as well as an advanced Deck Builder for advanced players. And also for newbies, an all-new Skill Quest tutorial system made to feel like you’re learning from a friend.

All of the content in Magic Duels: Origins will be available to collect in-game absolutely free, though chances are if you want to progress quicker, you can also purchase cards and decks in-game.

Magic Duels: Origins is available on iOS right now and is set to also launch on Xbox One and PC via Steam later this month. A PlayStation 4 release is also in the works slated for release later this year.


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