At least we’ll see one Robin on screen who hasn’t died this decade. Too soon? It’s only LEGO, so you can always put him back together again.

So, it was just yesterday when I was wondering, where is Michael Cera? Y’know, that dude that starred the ill-fated Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Adaptation? Well apparently, he’ll be ditching the video game references and will be donning a cheap fabric cape and a plastic wig.



Cera has been cast as LEGO Robin in the upcoming 2017 LEGO Batman movie, a spin-off from the LEGO Movie, the movie based on LEGO.

The spin-off will follow Will Arnett as Batman, the humorous rib tickler who works in Black or very dark grey. Of course, the LEGO Batman has been the subject to its own universe. Through all three popular games, a handful of straight to DVD movies, and a whole heap of action figure sets. Of course, Robin is there too.

It’s always been thought that movie studios were getting a bit iffy about Robin after the disastrous Batman and Robin movie of the late 90s. Explaining the very muted and unusual appearance of the character in The Dark Knight Rises, the conclusion to the Christopher Nolan trilogy, which saw Robin John Blake taking over as Batman.

From the Batman vs. Superman trailer, we’ve seen that Robin may have died before the starting line as Bruce Wayne looks over a superhero costume resembling Robin, if he worked in very dark grey, with a cryptic message spray painted on it, by what appears to be The Joker.

So, it’s good that were getting a Robin, casting a popular actor does imply that he’ll get some screen time. Though, it’ll be likely that he’ll be the comic relief. What can’t be a bad thing can it? Better than being beaten to death by a crowbar.

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