Fable Legends

Last night there was a brief glimmer of hope that the upcoming free-to-play adventure game, Fable Legends, had a release date. The news was seemingly leaked out by accident, but Microsoft has swooped in and squashed the leak breaking our little hearts in the process.

In case you missed it, a video was uploaded onto the Xbox YouTube channel which showed a recap of some of the things which happened at San Diego Comic Con this past weekend. During the recap, at around the 1:53 mark, a lower-third appeared revealing an October 13 release date for the Xbox One/PC title.


Considering this was an Xbox published video, many believed this to be an accidental yet questionable leak of information, but many, including myself, was excited nonetheless. Up until now Microsoft has remained quiet about the game’s release date only saying that it’ll be launching this year.

Unfortunately since the information seeped out, both Microsoft and the Game Director for Fable Legends, David Eckelberry, has put a pin in our excitement bubble and have denied that this information is correct.

“No idea where they got this date. We don’t have an announced day of release yet, not even internally…,” said Eckelberry on gaming forum NeoGaf.

As for Microsoft, they said:

We look forward to opening the world of ‘Fable Legends’ to players this holiday, but don’t have anything more to share on specific release timing. The date listed in the San Diego Comic-Con Xbox recap video was incorrect and we apologize for any confusion.

So we’re back to having zero clue as to when Fable Legends will launch. Though we’re hoping for some news at Gamecom…

Please Microsoft…

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