Mojang Announce Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition

Though we didn’t expect a new version of Minecraft to come for some time, at Minecon this weekend Mojang unveiled something which ultimately isn’t that surprising considering the events late last year. Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition is the latest version that hopes to achieve cross-platform multiplayer with mobile.

Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition is a “whole new version” of Minecraft according to Mojang who announced the news this weekend. It’s being built specifically for Windows 10 which launches this July 29.

At the moment Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition is being called a Beta as Mojang are adopting the same early access-like period they did with the original title. Once you grab the Windows 10 Edition, you’ll then get all future updates for free.

Speaking of free, before you go all apeshit over Mojang abandoning the Vanilla game, there’s some good news, as the Windows 10 Edition will be completely free for those 20 million or so who already own the PC version. It’ll be completely free to download from the Windows 10 store when it launches.

At launch, the Windows 10 Edition will feel a little like the Pocket Edition of the game including some extras, such as the ability to play with upto seven friends through either local multiplayer or through Xbox Live. That also includes multiplayer with Pocket Edition players when an update launches soon after launch.

Players can also choose between controller, touch, and keyboard controls with little effort, share gameplay clips with the built-in GameDVR features, and much more.

This will all become available on July 29 along with the launch of Windows 10. Though remember, not everyone will get Windows 10 on July 29.


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