Norton’s ‘Most Dangerous Town’ – Iceman Trailer

As more and more of our personal information is stored on our smartphones and computers the risk of hacking becomes even greater. Thankfully companies like Norton are doing their best to make sure your information remains safe and your computers and smartphone remain secure. But who are these notorious hackers and why do they set out to do the things they do?

In a brand new mini-documentary, Norton goes in search of ‘The Most Dangerous Town on the Internet’, specifically, the town of Râmnicu Vâlcea in Romania, also known as “Hackerville”.

Hackers are usually known as nameless and faceless people or sometimes bots which take it upon themselves to get into systems we often feel are safe. Because of this we often dismiss the dangers. Norton by Symantec want to change that with this new documentary.

The documentary takes a closer look at the people who create and oppose one of the largest hacker communities in the world. From simple things such as scams and phishing attacks, to the more complex “master hacking.” All of this is based in the unique and gritty settings of Romania, a place you certainly wouldn’t consider the most notorious place for cybercrime.

“Cybercrime is a lucrative business and unfortunately affects millions of people across the globe each year,” said Derek O’Carrol, Senior Vice President of the Norton Business Unit at Symantec. “We increasingly see cybercriminals using aggressive attack methods like ransomware, which rose 113 percent last year1. Our goal is to spark discussion about the burgeoning business of cybercrime and underscore the importance of protecting one’s identity and personal information in today’s connected world.”

The documentary explores a handful of notorious hackers including Tinkode, Madalin, Guccifer, and Iceman, who is featured in the trailer above.

You can also check out the documentary for yourself by heading to Norton’s Website.

This post is sponsored by Norton.

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