Adobe Flash is used for more things than you may think on the world wide web, so you’d think that Adobe would make sure that it’s constantly updated and all security holes are patched. Unfortunately that’s not the case and Flash has become known as this unstable burden on the Web and Mozilla has had enough.

Fortunately for users of Mozilla’s Firefox, you’ll no longer be at risk from the buggy mess that is Flash. The reason for this is because they’ve decided to completely block the application from running within the web browser.

The news comes following Facebook’s new chief security officer called for the death of Flash, with Mark Schmidt, the head of Firefox support at Mozilla, tweeting that all versions of Flash Player are now blocked in the latest update of the browser.

This is less in an effort to get rid of the vulnerable plugin, but instead call for Adobe to get their fingers out of their butts (my wording, not his) and actively patch up its well-documented security holes and known vulnerabilities.


Mozilla has always put its users first and has blocked Flash, Java, and a range of other plugins and software whenever they’ve been found to have security holes. However, if you really, really want Flash, you can enable the plugin in the browsers settings menu if you so wish.



Unfortunately it seems Adobe has been slowly turning its back on the plugin, seldom updating the software, usually only when a major vulnerability is discovered. Could this mark the beginning of the end?

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