SEGA has today kicked off the first of a series of videos which introduces some of the game’s units. The first of which is available right now and looks at the lethal Demigryphs.

For the first time ever, The Creative Assembly and SEGA will be diving head first into a world of fantasy where anything can happen. One of the game’s more unique features is the various array of units that’ll be available to the player, and in a new series entitled ‘Total War: WARHAMMER Introducing…’ SEGA will be offering an exclusive look at some of the games more “spectacular” battlefield units.

The first video takes a pretty neat look at one of the magnificent beasts in the game, the Demigryphs, a rare half eagle half lion unit ridden by the most renowned knights of the empire.

See concept sketches, rough renders, and finally the Demigryph in all its glory.

If that wasn’t enough for you however, tune into The Creative Assembly’s YouTube channel to get a first look at the Total War: Warhammer in-engine trailer this Friday.

New Total War: Warhammer Video Series Begins… - n3rdabl3

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