New Tower Control Game Mode Comes to Splatoon

A brand new game mode has arrived for the ink splatting multiplayer mayhem that is Splatoon called Tower Control and will require players to ride and remain in control of a floating tower inside the enemies base.

Available now in the game’s Ranked Mode, players can dive right into Tower Control with the already available Turf War and Splat Zones. Players will be tasked with the challenge of rushing towards the tower to gain control both maintaining a position on the tower and keeping the enemy away.

Players will be rewarded for working as a team as one player alone on the tower makes them a prime target for splatter. Players will be required to use the map to their advantage too and know when the best time to bail from the tower to get the one-up over their enemies.

In addition to the new mode, the first Splatfest has launched letting players choose their sides in a popular argument then competing against those with opposing views in online battles. The first Splatfest begins in the Americas on July 4 and asks players which is better, Cats or Dogs? Choose your allegiance then be rewarded with a brand new t-shirt for your Inkling to wear.

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