Nintendo Bids Farewell to Wii U’s TVii Service

Nintendo’s fairly odd bid to change the way Wii U users watch TV is about to get the axe as the company is planning to shift focus elsewhere and thus shutting down the Wii U TVii service for good.

If you have no idea what the Wii U TVii service actually is, you’re not alone, up until today I also had no clue what this was and had to check our own Wii U to see what it was. Apparently, it was a way for users to interact with their TV’s via the Wii U by checking out streaming services, and view a TV guide right from the GamePad.

There was also Miiverse integration that allowed users to vote on shows and score matches as well as discuss programmes via the Miiverse with other users.

Nintendo actually started removing features last year, and TVii is now fully dead. In an FAQ Nintendo said:

“Every service has a life cycle, and it is time to focus our resources on other projects.”

A fairly simple and blunt response, don’t you think? I guess compared to the likes of the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One – which you can essentially turn into a digital DVR, Nintendo no longer wants to be a part of your TV watching experience.

So, come August 11, TVii will disappear, but you will still be able to watch streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, which is plus, I guess.

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