Nintendo are Redesigning the Miiverse.

Nintendo have announced that it is planning to redesign the Miiverse later this year with the aim of making “communicating about games you’re playing more enjoyable than ever.”

This big redesign to the Miiverse will introduce a number of new big features along with some small changes. The Miiverse of course is the network service for the Wii U console that allows users to share what is going on and see what is happening around them. The redesign, set for later this year in the Summer should make the Miiverse better than ever before.

Firstly, you’re going to be getting a screenshot album to let you easily save any screenshots you take to create a collection of moments from your favourite games. This album will only be able to save up to 100 screenshots at any given time but the good news is that the album is private and not visible to other users.

Nintendo are Redesigning the Miiverse. - n3rdabl3

Next up is your play journal. This will allow you open up the Miiverse while you are playing a game and write down your experiences. The process of for making new entries is as simple as opening the Miiverse as you play a game. The entry will also include a screenshot of the game or software you are in and for those that do not allow screenshots, your post will go up without a screenshot. Simple really.

Lastly there will be a complete overhaul to the communities. Each game community will be now made up of three areas to make the browsing easier and more fun. It will also mean that finding the content you want to find is made simple. Play Journals, Drawings and Discussions. In the journal section you will be able to see everyone’s Play Journals for said game. In the Drawings section you will find all the artwork created by all users and take note, you will only be able to post handwritten posts in this section. Discussions will be the section for questions and conversations where you will also be able to use tags to help find what you’re looking forward.

Finally, the other changes hitting the Miiverse that you should take note of are that Play Journal’s is replacing posting to your activity feed. Therefore, once the redesign goes up you won’t be able to post to your activity feed anymore. Also note that the limit of posting will be less harsh as once the redesign is live you’ll be able to post a combined total of 30 posts or comments per day. Note however that in-game posts are not included within that total.

Nintendo are Redesigning the Miiverse. - n3rdabl3

Nintendo look to have big plans for the Miiverse in the coming months and who knows that will come next. Until later this year in the summer when the Miiverse redesign goes live make sure to keep checking in on the Miiverse to spot if anything else might show up.

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