Not Everyone Will Get Windows 10 on July 29

With Windows 10 launching on July 29, pre-registration for the new OS has been well under way for a few weeks now, and while the OS for many is completely free, not everyone will be getting it on July 29 like previously thought.

When Windows 10 officially launches on July 29, not everyone will be in the queue to download the OS on that date. Instead you may be waiting for some time as Microsoft has revealed that they’ll be releasing Windows 10 in waves, “slowly scaling up” the rollout as it keeps an eye on how things are progressing.

This is likely in an effort to catch any bugs or fatal problems with the OS that may not have arose in QA and beta testing. This will allow Microsoft to roll out updates to fix any problems from July 29 to eliminate any problems before you’ve even managed to download the new operating system.

Windows Insiders, who are already testing Windows 10, will be among the first to receive the new OS on July 29. After that those who have gone through the reservation process will begin to receive notifications telling them their update is ready. Windows 10 will actually download prior to these notifications so users can seamlessly upgrade without waiting for a download to complete.

Microsoft doesn’t state how long it expects the rollout to take.

Manufacturers will soon have Windows 10 in their hands to add to thair new machines, and retailers will have a separate build that can be used to help update devices bought with Windows 8.1.

For those looking for the Windows 10 Enterprise and Education editions, they’ll be available a few days later on August 1.

As for Windows 10 on other devices such as Windows Phone and Xbox One, Microsoft has already revealed that there’ll be a little wait before those versions are ready.

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