You may have heard about the HD remake of the original Odin Sphere.  A little bit of history: the original game came out on PlayStation 2 in 2008 and was considered a spiritual successor to Princess Crown (also by Atlus).  It includes elements from Norse mythology, and follows the stories of five protagonists.

The remake is titled Odin Sphere Leifthrasir, and as this trailer indicates, the game has been confirmed for release in the US next year.  Whilst there are no specific dates given, we do know that it will be made available on PS3, PSVita and PS4 (both physical and digital).  It’s nice to see the Vita is still getting some love!

The remake will include remastered HD graphics, “expanded worlds with new monsters, fully voiced story scenes, and a fine-tuned refreshing combat and RPG system to perfect the gameplay.”

Unfortunately there is no word yet as to a European release, but given JRPGs tend to do better in Europe than the US, I don’t think we’ll need to hold our breath too long!


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