OnePlus Officially Unveil the OnePlus 2

And here it is, after all this waiting, all of the teases, and all of the leaks, OnePlus has officially unveiled the OnePlus 2 and oh my god it’s just as fantastic as the original. Priced at just £239 the OnePlus 2 is more than just a flagship killer, it’s a damn steal.

So, as we already know, the OnePlus 2 comes with a Snapdragon 810 processor with 4GB RAM. It’ll come with a fingerprint sensor that’s apparently way better than Apple’s TouchID which is embedded in a new home button on the device, and it’ll come with dual SIM support, and finally USB Type C will be on board.

What we didn’t know was the device’s size, price, release date, and storage inside. So here’s the official specs, it’ll come packed with a 5.5-inch LCD HD display at 1080p, it’ll come with two storage options, 16GB or 64GB, and while the former is much cheaper, it comes with just 3GB RAM, rather than the 4GB that comes with the higher storage option.

The device, along with the home button, will have two dedicated capacitive buttons which can be customised to launch apps, or perform actions. There’s also a dedicated alert slider where the user can switch between profiles without getting their phone out of their pockets.

As for pricing, as I mentioned earlier the entry level model with 16GB storage will cost you just £239, whereas the 64GB model with 4GB RAM will set you back a still affordable £289. You read that right, a device that’s just as powerful as a Samsung Galaxy S6 (if not better) costs just half the price.

Even more impressive is OnePlus’ turnaround on the new device. We won’t be waiting until September or October for the new device to drop, in fact we have exactly two weeks to wait (if you have an invite that is) as it’ll be launching on August 11.

In addition to the killer specs, the OnePlus 2 will come with the trademark black sandstone effect back, but can be swapped out with more stylish designs such as wood or carbon fibre, all for around £17.

So there you have it, OnePlus has done it again. In a little over a year they’ve managed to release another device which blows almost any other phone out of the window, all for under £300. The only real down side is that you’ll have to wait for an invite for the new device, which could take weeks, or months.

And considering OnePlus has revealed that 300,000 people have already signed up to get their new device, you might have a little wait on your hands if you haven’t signed up already.

To find out more or to sign up for an invite, head here.

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