If you’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the OnePlus 2, then that time is almost upon us. The company is expected to announce the new phone today at 7pm PST, which is 3am BST on July 28 for those of us in the UK, via their exclusive Virtual Reality app, making it the first device to be launched in such a way.

As of right now, prospective buyers and fans can download the OnePlus 2 VR Launch app from Google Play as well as heading over to the OnePlus website to sign up to be amongst the first to receive an invite for the new handset, that’s already shaping up to be a pretty great phone.

What we know on an official scale is that it’ll come powered by a Snapdragon 810 processor accompanied by 4GB RAM. It’ll also have a finger print sensor, a pretty decent camera, and it’ll come with USB Type C on board among other things.

Rumours, which are still circling around today, suggest that it’ll remain under $400 and will come with 64GB memory, which is impressive. We’re still yet to hear officially about the price and what size screen the device will come with.

As we’ll likely be fast asleep when the OnePlus 2 officially launches, we’ll report all of the OnePlus goodness in the morning.

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