P.T. not Being Deleted from PS4 Consoles

PlayStation store downloads for P.T. might no longer be available after Konami took them down, but those who did download it were able to keep it on their system. Now however there have been some rumours flying around that suggest Konami were actually deleting copies of the P.T. demo off of consoles automatically. Don’t panic however as it would seem these are indeed just rumours.

Speaking in a statement to VG247 Konami made clear that they have not been deleting P.T. off of consoles. A spokesperson for Konami made clear that though some users had deleted P.T. by accident there is no system in place to allow them, even if they wanted to, to delete the demo off consoles.

This of course is good news for anyone, like myself, that still has the demo installed and hasn’t put their console on eBay as some users did.

This of course adds to the continued drama with Konami and Hideo Kojima’s production studio with a long list of events that have unfolded over the last few months. P.T. was of course the demo for the upcoming Silent Hills which has since been cancelled along with the rather stupid drama between Konami and Hideo Kojima which as we now know has lead to Kojima Production disbanding, apparently.

As the future of Hideo Kojima, both the Metal Gear and Silent Hill franchise, and even Konami itself continue to be up in the air for many people, at least we know that P.T is here to stay… Well if you were able to download it before the demo was pulled from the store… Regardless it is fair to say that we can expect a lot more rumours focused on Konami in the coming months.

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