After 505 Games revealed that a patch was incoming for the Xbox One edition of Payday 2, it arrived this weekend, but oddly Overkill didn’t release any patches, and when asked about what the 8GB patch fixed, the Payday Twitter account simply replied “fixes broken sh!t ;)”.

The tweet mentioned above has now been deleted and Overkill has now announced on their Twitter account that patch notes are incoming, but that hasn’t left too many people happy as a fairly hefty patch has fixed nothing more than the screens repeatedly freezing.

According to many Twitter users and users on reddit, the game is still unplayable as the “failed to join game” error still persists leaving players with nothing more than a bot-filled single player title or to rustle up three other players to join a party separately.

Following Overkill’s support for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game, many hoped that the current-gen versions would be a much better experience, unfortunately for many, that’s not the case.

The good news for those who bought the game digitally, Xbox Support is now happy to offer refunds for the game, something which many players are doing.

Though joining a multiplayer game is pretty broken, if you can find three other players to join you, the game is actually quite good. It’s just a real shame that it’s taken almost a month to roll out its first fix.

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Thanks for the article. It’s good to see that this issue is being publicised somewhere, as OverKill’s reputation should rightly take a hammering for this farce. Releasing a game broken is unforgivable, and it’s doubly bad when that game is a remake of a three year-old game. Add to that the fact that they’ve taken over three weeks to release a patch and the patch doesn’t fix any of the issues and… well… I can’t say that I’ll be getting a refund for the game, as I loved it on Xbox 360 and am looking forward to the new heists… Read more »


I’m glad to see this getting more attention that it deserves, but it should be getting followed more closely. I understand that Payday 2 will never be in the realm of Arkham Knight or Battlefield 4, but a broken game is a broken game. The fan base may not be as huge, but this this is still a reputable game company that sold a game, after testing, and was found to be, quite literally, incomplete. It’s unacceptable. Fantastic that they put a patch out, but it should have been faster, but with how soon(or late)they put out the patch, it’s… Read more »