With the launch of the first Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater game for a number of years, all eyes are back onto the gnarly world of skateboarding as the nostalgia of the Pro Skater and Skate series comes flipping back into our minds, and while the Pro Skater series is going strong, the Skate series has all but disappeared, until now.

Project: Session is a brand new spot-based skateboarding title from creā-ture Studios, a small video game studio comprised of “5 developers and supported by a couple of external friends contributors. Some with more than 10 years of experience in AAA some other fresh from school”.

This, being their debut title, is being developed in Unreal 4 and hopes to bring “creativity, freedom of expression with a touch of that 2000s golden era of the skateboarding films,” to the game, and if their first trailer is anything to go by, they’ve achieved just that.

Unfortunately it seems that they’ll be needing the funding, as Project: Session is due to land on Kickstarter on August 22. It seems they’ll be launching the game on PC initially, with the hopes to launch on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, provided the Kickstarter reaches the goals, presumably.

Project: Session is the Skate Spot-based Game We’ve Been Looking For - n3rdabl3

The developers revealed in a Q&A session over at that they hope to add multiplayer into the game too, but are currently focusing on the gameplay. As for the gameplay itself, unlike Skate, Project: Session will focus more on spots than a huge open world.

“We have released our Steam Greenlight Concept in which we adress that, but we’ll have pre-made lines and spots you’ll be able to choose from, both real. Some will be inspired from, but with our own touch to it. We want to avoid open world so players don’t end up going in circles for hours to find a good spot. We will bring the spot, so you can focus on tricking,” they revealed.

As for the camera angle, the game looks to be taking a pretty unique approach, taking into consideration the way skate films were recorded in the 90s.

“No, our camera system, like our game, is inspired by the skate movies of the lates 90’s. So our camera will act somewhat like if your buddy was filming you! With shadows n shit I’ll try to explain it a bit more in depth,” creā-ture Studios said in a reply.

You can read the full-lot of answers right here, it’s a pretty interesting read and has me excited for the game’s Kickstarter and hopefully its launch in 2016. Until then, check out the trailer above.

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