RaiderZ MMO will Shutdown for Good Next Month

This is a familiar story… Around the very same time in 2013, news revealed that Gameforge would be pulling the plug on the European version of Raiderz leaving players to head on over to Perfect World Entertainment’s version of the game. Now, just two years later, it seems the whole thing is being canned.

Why? Mostly because the developer has disappeared. So, once again, come August the game will shut down, and as there’s no alternate publisher for the game, it’ll end completely this time.

In a statement from Perfect World Entertainment, they said:

Over the past weeks, RaiderZ has seen a few different instances where the game has had issues with the server. In the past, we have been working with MAIET, the developer of RaiderZ, in order to troubleshoot and solve issues to keep the game available for the players.

Unfortunately, MAIET is no longer operating anymore.

Anyone who made any purchases of content within the game during May 7, will have their money refunded to their Arc Account Balance, and since the news arose in-game prices have been cut. Players who logged in during the last month will also have an added 1000 in-game cash to spend on what they like.

RaiderZ will shutdown on August 7th, 10am PDT.

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