Here I am sitting here waiting for another game like Rayman Legends and Ubisoft sends my heart aflutter only to disappoint me… sort of. Ubisoft has announced that a brand new Rayman title is in the works, this time specifically for mobile.

Currently in development by Ubisoft Montpellier, this new legless adventure will be available this Autumn. In Rayman Adventures players will be sent on an adventure exploring legendary worlds, “from whimsical castles to the mythical islands of Olympus,” Ubisoft has revealed.

It seems to be a more open world affair, though I’m using that word fairly loosely here, as players can freely move around and explore the worlds as they wish. Also in the game is the brand new addition of “Icrediballs” which Ubisoft describe as “fun little creatures” that’ll be the players’ partner on their adventure. There seems to be many Incrediballs to collect throughout the game each with their own unique powers.

Interestingly, Ubisoft say that Rayman Adventures represents a “major step in bringing players an HD console-quality experience on mobile,” which is interesting to hear. They also claim it’ll also hit 60 frames per second, which is a bold claim.

Though it’s not quite the Rayman game we all hoped for, it’s something. Platforms haven’t been revealed, though there’s a mention of Retina displays in the press release so we can assume it’ll be on iOS for sure.

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