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Following the months of strong rumours that Razer were eyeing up OUYA after the latter company was searching for a buyer, the has now been confirmed by Razer who has acquired OUYA’s “content catalog and online retail platform.”

This news follows the now ex-CEO of OUYA, Julie Uhrman, announcing on Twitter that she was leaving the company saying:

Followed by:

For a while now OUYA has been searching for a buyer following most of the company’s $8.5 million funding from Kickstarter seemingly going down the drain. The latest reports regarding the buyout indicated that Razer were to acquire the company, and following Uhrman’s above tweet, the peripheral maker confirmed they have indeed made the purchase.

According to Destructoid, Razer has acquired the “content catalog and online retail platform,” but will be rebranding it as “Cortex for Android TV,” a “premier destination” for Razer Forge TV games and other content.

As for the OUYA console, well it now falls into the category of forgotten consoles, much like the SEGA Saturn and the Nokia N-Gage. Though the latter console’s didn’t have $8.5 million worth of other peoples money invested in them.

Apparently existing OUYA customers will receive “deep product discounts” as Razer tries to transition people to the Forge TV micro-console.


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